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Who Needs a Title?

Another Connection Gone

Another Connection Gone

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Like so many people who have been divorced, there are many connections, links, to my previous marriage. As the years go by there are less and less. They can not go down to zero, at least in my case, as we did have a son together.

One of those links to the past passed away Friday night. My cat, Remus.

It was June 2001, and grad school was coming to a close. One day my ex received either a phone call or an email from one of her professors, Carla. Carla had found 2 kittens in her yard. She thinks they were dumped outside as they were very friendly, and wanted to come into her house. They were very hungry too. Carla would have taken them in, she was a cat person, but she was about to head to Greece for the Summer. All of the shelters were full. So she asked if we wanted them. Being the big softies for cats that we are, we said yes. Carla brought them into her garage, putting a carpet remnant into a box for them to lay in, and gave them food, and they ate a lot.

We picked them up the next day (I think, I know it was a short time after being asked). We asked our friends for name for these 2 brothers, and my ex-sister-in-law suggested Romulus & Remus. Those were the name we chose.

Romulus died in 2005 of an infection. We didn't have the money to take him to an emergency vet, so we planned to take him to a regular vet on Monday. He didn't last the weekend.

The next year my wife an I split up, and I took two cats, Hypatia and Remus. I couldn't afford two cats, and Hypatia was too wild for anyone else so my now late ex-parents-in-law took Remus in. 2 years later, November 2008, after I had Hypatia put down I got Remus back, the same day. My parents-in-law had both passed away by that time (first him, and then her), and their house was being cleared out. With Hypatia's behavior I needed to put her down anyway so this kicked me in the butt to do it. I put her down, and that same evening I went over to get Remus.

It was just him and me in my little apartment for a few years until my wife and I met.

A year later Remus got a kitty companion, Chelsea. They became very close, snuggling, grooming, both at open windows watching the animals and anything else.

Recently Remus was showing his age, not as energetic, thinner, slower, but still very much mine, and snuggled up to me at every opportunity.

But starting last weekend he showed a quick decline. Urinating just outside of the litter box. Hardly eating, hardly drinking. Not interested in treats. He wasn't as clean, he had major eye boogers. Thursday he went under Vaughn's bed and didn't come out. Friday it was obvious the end was close. I checked on him a lot, and watched him decline. It was obvious systems were shutting down. The smell was getting bad. Around 10:30PM he breathed his last. I was there when it happened.

The next day I took his body to the Animal Rescue League for disposal. We could not afford a burial, or cremation.

Chelsea doesn't know what to do with herself.

My 4 year old son doesn't understand. He spent 5 minutes on Saturday calling for Remus.

There are many connections from my old marriage I don't care to keep. Remus was not one of them. He was my kitty.
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