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Who Needs a Title?

When It Rains...

When It Rains...

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Yes, it is an old and well used phrase. But sometimes it fits.

So we are catching up from Thanksgiving, and will have a while until we do.

I knew rent would be late, and I was hoping to pay it Thursday.

Then Tuesday night I started to hear and feel something from the rear brakes on the car. Wednesday it got worse. Then I heard a scraping noise from the right rear when the brakes were not applied. When they were applied I could hear a deep grinding.

If I had a driveway I could do it myself, but I don't and I am not about to do the work in the street, especially not in 30 degree weather.

So it looks like instead of working in the morning I will be heading off to get the brakes fixed.

I am not happy.
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