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Who Needs a Title?

Put On Your Best Face

Put On Your Best Face

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Sonic Screwdriver
For over 5 months I have been a Lyft Driver.

Nearly 2 months ago I started driving for Uber as well.

It is best that a driver be friendly, positive, and likes to talk, and I am all of these things.

Because I see people from all over, from many walks of life, I feel a responsibility to be a good face for Pittsburgh, just like when I worked at Carnegie Science Center. So I do my best to represent Pittsburgh, as much as a non-sport person who also does not drink can do that.

I love meeting new people, and I love to talk, so this is a good a job for me. I know my way around very well, which helps.

Two examples:

1) This evening my wife and I joined some friends at the Harp & Fiddle, a friend of ours was performing. We were there not very long when I heard a woman calling out my name. When I looked at the bar I saw who it was, and as she started to head down to where I was I met her. I had given her and a couple of friends of hers a ride the night before. She gave me a huge hug (which I will never complain about), and introduced me to the people she was with.

2) As we were leaving, a couple in their 50s from St Louis, and who came to Pittsburgh for the National League of Cities convention, came walking in. I had given them a ride 2 nights before to an Air B&B 1.5 blocks away and suggested they go to the Harp Friday for Terry. They liked the idea, and for most of the night I thought they decided not to go. They did, just later, and so my wife and I stayed and talked to them for at least 20 minutes. They loved Terry's music, so when he took a break I asked him to come over. It was a great time, and I am happy to have represented Pittsburgh as well as I did.

So without even trying I have become an ambassador of sorts, a face for Pittsburgh. It is very satisfying that to know I am doing a good job.
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