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Who Needs a Title?

A House Hunting We Will Go...

A House Hunting We Will Go...

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My wife and I have decided to take the plunge. We plan to get a house. It's going to be tricky. Our finances are not in the best shape. But we are tired of living where we are. She has said she has never been sick so often since we moved into the apartment we now inhabit.

I have contacted a friend of ours who is an estate agent, and she passed contact information on to me of someone we can talk to about applying for a mortgage. I did, and now I need to start collecting the necessary documents and information.

So we are just getting started.

But it will be oh so wonderful!

Here is hoping we will be successful.

We have the criteria for the place we want:

1) Minimum of 3 bedrooms. 1 for us, 1 each for our sons. If we have more than 3, wonderful, it/they can be a guest bedroom, hobby room, office, or whaetever.

2) Livingroom, kitchen, diningroom, and preferably a half bath for that extra toilet.

3) Space for a work area. We both have multiple hobbies, and it would be good to have a space dedicated to them. No more having everything put away in various locations. I want to build a 1/350 scale Enterprise and I'll need the space.

4) A yard. This would have multiple purposes, one of them being for a long wire antenna for the shortwave radio.

5) At least a driveway if not also a garage. I want the car off of the street, and I want the space to do our own maintenance and cleaning.

6) A porch.

Our landlord has asked we not move out until Spring, so that gives us time. Hopefully at this time next year we will be in a house of our own.
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