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Who Needs a Title?

Another School Begins

Another School Begins

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Ugh. Summer is nearly over and I feel we didn't take advantage of it like we should have. But then my wife works two jobs (to be down to one at the end of September), and I work when she can be home, which is at night, so planning things as a family is very difficult, and relegated to the few times we have together.

With my older son having started school yesterday, and the little guy starting Wednesday, our time is even more limited.

I wanted to go through boxes of stuff, with my older son going through all of his things and getting rid of what he no longer wanted, which would probably be nearly everything. But that didn't happen. It's amazing how much time having the little guy's wraparound therapist's being at our home 5 days a week takes up. Then off to get my wife from work, some days of the week taking her to her other job right after, and by then the little guy is asleep in the car so I park somewhere and let him nap. I either read or take a snooze myself.

Now that the new school year is here I plan to bring boxes up from the basement and have us go through them a few at a time. It needs to be done. Next Spring we plan to get a new place, and the less we need to move the better.

The new school year also allows me to do some things I couldn't being a stay-at-home dad all of the time. I had started a walk-run routine before the end of last school year but couldn't keep it up over the Summer. I really want to get back into shape, lose the weight I have gained the past year, and fit into clothes that have languished.

OK, I am falling asleep at my computer. I am going to go to bed and continue this another day.
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