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Skipped Back 10

September 15th, 2016

My now ex-wife and I moved out of our house. It was a great house and I still miss it. Lots of space, large rooms, 4 bedrooms, a stained glass window, mantles to fill with Christmas Cards (and they did get filled).

We moved into our separate abodes. Her to a duplex unit, me to a 4 room apartment in a neighborhood I would love and plan to move back to when I can.

A lot has changed since then. I lived on my own for the first time ever. No roommates or spouses. I worked multiple jobs. Dated a fire eating bellydancer. Joined a gym and got into the best shape of my life. Met and became friends with awesome people called rennies. Married again and had a wonderful second son. Watched as my first son grew out of the little boy stage and is now a teenager. A geeky and smart teenager, who adores his little brother, the one sibling he asked for.

Came out to multiple people as trans, though still not in a position to transition.

I have rejoined and became more and more involved with the local astronomy club. If I could get a job doing star parties I'd be very happy.

Not everything has gone well. I have been laid off multiple times, 2 times from the same job! Which I happened to like. The biggest problem has been financial, as I am sure it is been with most people. Now I am a Lyft driver, which is fun and helping to pay the bills, though the very late nights can be tiring.

We were renting a nice house until our landlord's now ex-wife decided she wanted a divorce. So we were kicked out so he could move in. He was very apologetic about it and even sent a check the following Christmas as a thank you for cleaning the place so well, and to get us started on saving for our own place. We weren't able to start saving.

My beloved New Beetle of 14 1/2 years finally had too many problems and had to be sold, and a new (to us) car bought, a Subaru Outback. But at least we now have a car that has a lot more space, and no problems, especially for the very long telescope we recently acquired!

We learned our younger son is mildly autistic. Thankfully we have lots of support, and he is doing great!

Now to look to the future. We are going to try to get a mortgage so we can get out of this cramped apartment and into our own home, and hopefully back to the neighborhood we prefer, Highland Park. We want to finish the latest telescope we acquired (doesn't need much) and start using it. At the same time start using the planetary imager I won a few years ago. Start building our own train layout. Have a garden. Set up an antenna for my shortwave radio.

Now to see what the next 10 years brings.

August 30th, 2016

Another School Begins

house, christmas
Ugh. Summer is nearly over and I feel we didn't take advantage of it like we should have. But then my wife works two jobs (to be down to one at the end of September), and I work when she can be home, which is at night, so planning things as a family is very difficult, and relegated to the few times we have together.

With my older son having started school yesterday, and the little guy starting Wednesday, our time is even more limited.

I wanted to go through boxes of stuff, with my older son going through all of his things and getting rid of what he no longer wanted, which would probably be nearly everything. But that didn't happen. It's amazing how much time having the little guy's wraparound therapist's being at our home 5 days a week takes up. Then off to get my wife from work, some days of the week taking her to her other job right after, and by then the little guy is asleep in the car so I park somewhere and let him nap. I either read or take a snooze myself.

Now that the new school year is here I plan to bring boxes up from the basement and have us go through them a few at a time. It needs to be done. Next Spring we plan to get a new place, and the less we need to move the better.

The new school year also allows me to do some things I couldn't being a stay-at-home dad all of the time. I had started a walk-run routine before the end of last school year but couldn't keep it up over the Summer. I really want to get back into shape, lose the weight I have gained the past year, and fit into clothes that have languished.

OK, I am falling asleep at my computer. I am going to go to bed and continue this another day.

June 24th, 2016

To Thine Self Be True

Sonic Screwdriver
For 2 weeks now I have been a Lyft driver. I have a number of people who were obviously drinking. I could smell it on them, and a few it was obvious because of behavior.

One passenger was talking about his drinking times with a "You know?"

Thing is I don't know, which confounds a lot of people. I can't stand the smell of alcohol let alone the taste. To me it is vile.

Years ago, like a quarter of a century, I did get drunk twice. I didn't understand what the big deal was all about, or why people love it so.

So I don't drink, which in the long term is probably better for my health too.

April 14th, 2016

Home Alone

house, christmas
For a few days.

So I am going to be very busy with chores, mostly cleaning the carpets, and fun stuff. The weather so far looks great for the first star party of the year. I am so looking forward to it!

Today I have started the carpet cleaning. I am amazed how dirty the carpets get even after a few months. We walk around in our bare feet most of the time, but it is a small place and we do a lot of moving around.

The big thing for me today though is I am going to sugar my chest and belly by myself. This is going to be an experience as I have never done this before. I had my back done once, and it needs it again but for that I need help.

After that's all done I plan to head out to pick up a few things so I can complete my model of the Enterprise. I need some paint, small diodes, and resisters so the diodes are not too bright. I told my young son I'd have it done before he gets back.

March 17th, 2016

Ah spring. Even though it officially starts on March 20 as the Sun crosses the celestial equator into the northern hemisphere, Spring arrived early with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. Daylight Savings Time arrived at a good time so after my son is out of school for the day we have plenty of daylight to enjoy, and we have taken advantage of it. The only negative is my wife's retail job now closes at 10 instead of 9, keeping the little guy up later than he should be, but we can not avoid it if my wife is not going to walk home from work after a long day.

With warm temperature comes the need for appropriate clothing, and this is how I discovered how much weight I have gained since last Summer. Only 1 shorts fit me, those made from women's jeans size 12, and even those don't fit well since my belly, where most of the extra has accumulated, wants to push them down. If I had my way now, I'd be out and about in dresses and skirts. Those fit me better, and of course I thoroughly enjoy wearing them. But I can not do that right now.

But it also motivates me to do what I need to do to lose the weight. I am usually on my feet, and I do exercise at home, but I lack intense cardio, so soon I will finally make a trip to True Runner and get myself good running shoes. I have been wanting to do it for years, and this is an opportunity for me to do so. I hope to find a group to start running with, perhaps a group of beginners like me.

At home I have been keeping the windows open to allow the fresh air to flow, and the blinds open to allow all of that sunlight in. The cats love it too. Once I open the windows, particularly the right window in the bedroom, Chelsea jumps onto the windowsill and looks around and sniffs the air. So it is not just us humans enjoying Spring.

We do have a yard, sort of, but it is a mess and when don't have the tools or the time to do anything with it. So yardwork by us will wait until we have a our own place.

But it has allowed work on the car. In a previous post I said how my new mechanic made two repairs. With the warm weather I can do some of the work myself. I ordered two small items, a window control and a sideview mirror control. The window control came quickly, and after around 10 years I finally replaced the one where a bit of plastic broke. The sideview mirror control will take a while to get here, but at least it's on it way.

Last week I took apart the driver's door to get to the door lock mechanism, opening it to check the solder joints which turned out to be fine, but finding two bits of broken plastic jamming two gears. That allowed me to be able to open the door from the outside again but now I can not open it from the inside. After talking to the son of a friend, who is a VW mechanic, what I need to do is replace the whole mechanism. Not a cheap thing to do but necessary. I learned not to trust aftermarket suppliers when it comes to electronic parts for my VW, so I will need to get a VW part. Easy to acquire though.

But the big one is replacing the radiator, a big job. The whole front bumper and fender assembly needs to be removed to get to it. Work that needs a driveway and more than me doing the work. Not out of the question, and a friend has offered his garage. Just a lot of work. While I am in there I might as well replace the broken right fog lamp, and replace the radiator mounts. The hoses leading to the heater core also need to be replaced.

Eventually I'll also wash and wax it too :-)

Later in Spring comes the first star parties, CMU Carnival, and a friend's post-Carnival pie party which I always enjoy, and have my pies planned already. My wife and younger son will head off to Florida for 6 days, allowing me to be a bachelorette for a bit. It won't be all fun, I'll be cleaning all of the carpets, which is a lot of work for one person, but it is the best time to do it.

Not sure what else will come with Spring but it's already busy and fun.

March 13th, 2016

One of my life long interests and hobbies has been astronomy. It goes back to at least 1980, perhaps before. That year I saw a movie and a TV series that would have a profound impact on my life. The movie was Star Trek - The Motion Picture, which one of my brothers took me to see in January 1980. The TV series was Cosmos, which premiered in September of 1980.

Both touched something deep inside. For a kid going to catholic school and being very disenchanted and not feeling right there, and being the outcast for I never fit in with other kids, both lit a light bulb in my head. I didn't exclaim "Eureka!" but they changed my life. I still love watching them.

Eventually I got a telescope for Christmas, which I still have, read Astronomy and Sky & Telescope magazines, had posters of galaxies and nebula on my bedroom walls, and was generally made fun of and insulted by classmates.

Fast forward over 3 decades and I am an active member of the local astronomy club, the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh (http://wp.3ap.org/). So are the other members of my family, even my 3 year old, who attended his first star party when he was 1 week old. I attend each star party I can (not all of us get to them together so I go solo), taking my 30+ year old 8" dobsonian with me. Sure the mirror needs a new coat of aluminum badly but it still works. I love sharing what I know and the sites to behold in the night sky. I so get into talking with people. And it's all there for everyone. No secrets, no exclusivity, it is everyone's. I have a received a few small rewards because of the number of star parties I have helped with each year.

Now the next step: outreach. A few weeks ago when one of the other members was looking for help with an event I said yes, It is just a 10 minute walk from home, and on a Friday so I knew I was available to help. So come Friday, March 25, I will be helping with the closing event for Our Pittsburgh Constellation at Assemble on Penn Ave. We will be talking astronomy, the AAAP, telescope making, helping people make star wheels, discussing the problems of light pollution, astro imaging, and who knows what else. I will bring both telescopes, one I acquired just a few months ago, and my laptop to project Stellarium onto a screen to show people what the sky would look like from Assemble were it not for all of the lights. It is very exciting for me to get our and share something so very important, and to talk with the public one again.

February 29th, 2016

Rebuilding the Bug

Sonic Screwdriver
My car is over 14 years old, and in need of repairs. Some I can do myself, others better left to the pros.

So far I have had 2 repairs done, stuff I left to the pros. An oil leak, which turned out to be a hardened gasket for the oil cooler just above the oil filter, and the oil pressure sensor.

I have not been able to open the driver's door for over half a year, which is very annoying. From reading what I have found via Google and newbeetle.org, I think the problem may be just cracked solder in the microswitch, it's a common problem and easily fixed by adding a bit of solder. I just need time to do the work.

The knob for the sideview mirror controller broke off a few years ago. easily replaced except for cost.

But the big one that needs to be done, that is better left to the pros but I can not afford to is replacing the leaking radiator, and 2 hoses leading to the heater core. To replace the radiator the front bumper/fender assembly needs to come off of the car, then the mechanism behind the bumper, front wheels, plastic sections on the bottom of the car, the cooling system drained, and then the radiator can be replaced. It's the labor to get to the radiator that takes so much time. Replacing the radiator itself is simple.

While I am at it I'll replace the right foglight. The lens is filled with moisture. If I had my own space to do the work and the time I'd also replace the plugs and plug wires. They haven't been replaced in 6 years.

So I have my work cut out for me. I could do more if I had my own driveway and/or garage but I don't. Fortunately I have one friend willing to lend me his garage. I just need to make sure I can do it all in one day, and not encounter any problems along the way.

December 8th, 2015

Christmas Once Again...

I am happy to day this year Christmas will be better than the last few years. Yes, things are still tight, and my family's position could still be better, but it is better than before.

This is due to a few things.

Despite my being unemployed I get a nice amount for unemployment compensation, plus what my wife brings in, we have a decent amount.

No more daycare! We owe them money but Vaughn is no longer in daycare so the bill is not growing by the month.

Timing of paychecks happens to be good. Very little control over that, we're just lucky.

So, Christmas is better this year.

Everyone will get something from their wish list without us sweating over it.

I am hoping to get one of the two big ones from mine. I want to get my iMac working again. It needs a new logic board (a few pins that connect the display to the logic board broke and hard to solder back on) and a new hard drive (iMacs are notorious for hard drives failing, I think it's a heat issue). I have a good idea how much it would cost, it's just a matter of being able to pay for it.

The other thing is a Bowser Big Boy kit. Hard to find, no longer made, and they occasionally they come up on eBay.

Otherwise my wish list is small. Perhaps being out with friends while the family stays home? Time to work on a hobby and the family not always look to me to lead getting things done around the home? Not much. Things that are important to one's health and sanity but come oh so rarely for me.

November 27th, 2015

Another Thanksgiving

Sonic Screwdriver
Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and despite our best efforts it did not turn out exactly as planned.

Vaughn did not take a nap, so he was very tired when dinner was ready.

The wife's monthly visitor came, and came hard, so she had to sit a while. Before that my family did their usual: paid too much attention to the TV instead of paying attention to Vaughn and not helping in the kitchen, so I had to yell at them. Not the first time I did that. It doesn't take long for them to go back to staring at the TV.

So when dinner came I was very happy to just sit.

We'll try again this weekend, we have enough leftovers.

November 22nd, 2015

Christmas is Coming...

December 25
I have said it before, and I will happily say it again, I am a Clark Griswold. At least when it comes to the Holiday Season. Like him I love decorating my home to the hilt, I get into the spirit, I want as many people as I can get to my place and have a wonderful meal with them. I want to make it last as long as possible. I participate in the PPG holiday display in the Wintergarden. I see as many train shows as I can. I love seeing downtown decorated. I have a family that enjoys it too, not as much as I do but they still get into it.

Despite my family and I living in a too small of a space for our needs, I still make it as festive as possible.

Thanks to that wonderful web site called Pandora I can listen to Christmas music as much as I want, and not spend lot of money I don't have on CDs.

One piece of music I heard just a bit ago was Fantasia on Greensleeves, which is a beautiful piece of music but also touches a part of me that will always be painful: my mom no longer being around. When I hear the piece I picture the cemetery where she is buried, the sky is cloudy, the air is cold. I am there to light her memorial candle and to place a wreath at her grave, as I do every year. I think of how my sons should be running around her backyard before heading inside for dinner, instead of walking around her cemetery. But it is not to be.

I am the type that I try to find a solution to any problem, but in this case I have none nor will I ever have one.

So like Clark Griswold there is a sadness too. When stuck in the attic while his family is out shopping, Clark finds an old home movie from when he was a child, a movie that brings him to happy tears because he sees his family all together and enjoying each others company, which is not how it is in his grown up life. Clark is trying to make it a reality again, and he ultimately does at the end of the movie. So it is with me as I try to do the best I can to make the Holiday as much of a fun one as I can for my family, despite our circumstances.
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