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Who Needs a Title?

No Where To Go

No Where To Go

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The last few years have been rough for my family and I. I was laid off 3 times, followed by periods of unemployment. Daycare is pricey, and we had no choice but to put our son in it until he was of school age. Problem with our old car, and unexpected move 4 years ago, plus other problems that cost money always coming up.

Somehow we were always able to get through.

But now we have come to a problem where we have no way out.

Our new car needs new front brakes and a wheel bearing replaced. We have no way to pay for it, and no one can help us. Unless something happens I can not see or envision, we're stuck. With out the car I can not work. The garage wants at least the cost of the parts paid, and then I can pay the rest next week. But we don't even have that.

I am going to do something fun for now, perhaps I'll think of something afterwards.
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