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It Was 10 Years Ago Today...

It Was 10 Years Ago Today...

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house, christmas
My now ex-wife and I moved out of our house. It was a great house and I still miss it. Lots of space, large rooms, 4 bedrooms, a stained glass window, mantles to fill with Christmas Cards (and they did get filled).

We moved into our separate abodes. Her to a duplex unit, me to a 4 room apartment in a neighborhood I would love and plan to move back to when I can.

A lot has changed since then. I lived on my own for the first time ever. No roommates or spouses. I worked multiple jobs. Dated a fire eating bellydancer. Joined a gym and got into the best shape of my life. Met and became friends with awesome people called rennies. Married again and had a wonderful second son. Watched as my first son grew out of the little boy stage and is now a teenager. A geeky and smart teenager, who adores his little brother, the one sibling he asked for.

Came out to multiple people as trans, though still not in a position to transition.

I have rejoined and became more and more involved with the local astronomy club. If I could get a job doing star parties I'd be very happy.

Not everything has gone well. I have been laid off multiple times, 2 times from the same job! Which I happened to like. The biggest problem has been financial, as I am sure it is been with most people. Now I am a Lyft driver, which is fun and helping to pay the bills, though the very late nights can be tiring.

We were renting a nice house until our landlord's now ex-wife decided she wanted a divorce. So we were kicked out so he could move in. He was very apologetic about it and even sent a check the following Christmas as a thank you for cleaning the place so well, and to get us started on saving for our own place. We weren't able to start saving.

My beloved New Beetle of 14 1/2 years finally had too many problems and had to be sold, and a new (to us) car bought, a Subaru Outback. But at least we now have a car that has a lot more space, and no problems, especially for the very long telescope we recently acquired!

We learned our younger son is mildly autistic. Thankfully we have lots of support, and he is doing great!

Now to look to the future. We are going to try to get a mortgage so we can get out of this cramped apartment and into our own home, and hopefully back to the neighborhood we prefer, Highland Park. We want to finish the latest telescope we acquired (doesn't need much) and start using it. At the same time start using the planetary imager I won a few years ago. Start building our own train layout. Have a garden. Set up an antenna for my shortwave radio.

Now to see what the next 10 years brings.
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